So It’s been a while…..

A lot has happened. I’ve moved to a desert haha well a town at the top of Queensland, Australia. It’s summer here so it’s absolutely boiling hot during the day. Luckily a storm passed through, I’ve been here nilly 8 months and hadn’t seen rain here at all, till the storm.  

I’m also going to paradise called Hawaii soon so excited. Well that’s my update for today (3:10am) guess i should go to bed. Good night enjoy your night, day, morning or afternoon wherever you are 🙂STORMSTORM7STORM 6 SLIGHTNING

Love : Peace : Yourself

Hey guys sorry i haven’t posted lately been so busy, so I’m going to post two in one.First of all VALENTINES DAY is one week away so get ready for a LOVELY day ❤ remeber to let your family, freinds and any close how much they mean to you. This shouldn’t just be done on valentines day, you should be doing it at least once a week. SOOO spread the love everyone 😀 and don’t forget to smile. Secondly i would like to give you something a little more inspirational. Remember to be yourself but to first find yourself in this crowded world sometimes it might be a little hard but don’t give up hope.Your allowed your days off and to drink coffee laying in bed all day 😉 You are young still so enjoy every moment as you have it. Good night for now.

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Travel: Find Yourself When You Loose Yourself

Remember that when you travel you should always have some type of insurance covering you. I love to travel and exploring the tomorrow then you should always have it. Tomorrow I’ll show you some of the photo’s i took from my trip from Europe. Remember a good idea is to create a dream book or wall of all the places you want to go and see when exploring our world, don’t limit this dream book or wall to just travel.Do it on life as well like business, family, home, cars, future, love, shoes or whatever you would life. Have a Good Day Guys ❤
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Guys: Fashion Ideas

Hey guys, so i know some of you find it hard to look classy and casual at the same time with all the fashion trends going around so here are a few ideas 😀 ❤ hope you like, remember to dress to your own style and what you like, girls like guys who are confident-funny- outgoing- strong minded. oh and don’t forget to keep fit and healthy and look after yourselves.

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ARBONNE – Discover : Give it ago ! Invest in yourself TODAY <3

Hey guys so if you haven’t heard of Arbonne before they are a company that sell the most amazing products I’ve ever seen and tried, I just got back from a little meet(finished at 9:00). We got to try the products and WOW, so soft and light and just amazing.All their product’s have not been tested on animals, it’s a plant base so there are NO NASTIES. You can get rid of any skin problem ;dry,oily,acne, stretch marks… you name it they can fix it. 😀
They Cover:
– Make-up
– Men’s Products
– Skin Care
– Hair Care
– Women’s Products
– Nutrition
– Sun
– Bath & Body
– Baby Products
– Fragrances

A little goes a long way, don’t be put off by the price because the product makes up for it 100x’s over. floralbug arbonne-before-afters-incredible-results-21-728 arbonne-protein-supplements_0 keep-calm-and-carry-arbonne-24 smaller-pics19 wp22faaa30_05_06

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